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Where the printing of pressure sensitive labels is an artform.

We're glad you've arrived at our new site. Here you'll have access to the many services of Sage Blanc, Inc., as well as a motherlode of useful information and other kinds of help.

Our goal is nothing less than to be the utmost provider of bar code and UPC labels, "Custom" printed labels, thermal-transfer ribbons, and blank labels for imprinting. Happily, as you will soon see, we are proud to have achieved that goal, and now we spend our days constantly improving every aspect of our business, from customer service to production.

Even with all that, we believe the one thing that distinguishes our work from that of so many others is the spirit in which we approach it. Our passion, our dedication to the craft, and our sensitivity to customer's needs is what truly elevates our business from mere printing to artform.

We hope you find this site to be incredibly useful; and we encourage you to visit it again soon as this is a work in progress which will always be growing with new features and new information.

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